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How to create a free Blog in 2021

 Hello friends, in this article, we will learn How to create a free Blog in 2021. Friends nowadays many people are connected to the internet and they search how to earn money online on the internet and they get a lot of options And there is an option in blogging. So friends today, we will learn to create step by step blog.

Free Blog

It is very easy to earn money from blogging in the world of internet. You too can easily earn money by creating a free blog. 

You do not need any webdesigner or coding to create a blog, you can easily create a free blog. It is a good thing to have a blog and you can share a lot of things online through a blog.If your blog is famous, then you can earn money through it.There are many platforms on the Internet on which you can create your own blog.The platform we are talking about today is Blogger is a Google platform. Yes you can create your own free blog from this platform.

When a new blogger wants to create a new blog then the blogger platform is perfect for that Because it is free and the new blogger does not have to invest anything to create a new blog And he can make a blog for free.

So now we know how we can make a blog for free, step by step through blogger (How to create  a free Blog in 2021.)

  1. First go to
  2. Sign in to Gmail account to create a blog.
  3. If you already have a Gmail account, you will be asked directly for Gmail login.
  4. Now you have to click on the New Blog.
Now you have to fill the details of the new blog .. Such as Blog Title, Blog Address and Blog Theme ..

  • Title -
In the title, you have to write the title of your blog, according to the topic on which you are making your blog, write the title of the blog.

  • Blog Language -
In Blog Language, you have to select the language of the blog. Select the language in which you want to write the blog.

  • Address -
In the address you have to write the URL of your blog.The URL you will write in the address is the URL you have to enter in the browser to open your blog.

  • Theme -
Now select a good theme for your blog. You can change your theme later.

  • Set Fevicon -
Select a good unique logo for your blog.Then add the icon to your blog. 

After doing all these settings, you have to do more settings for your blog. In which you have to set meta tags, do custom robots settings and many mores.

After doing all these settings, you can write your first post for which you have to click on new post. 

After all these three things are done, click on Create blog.
After clicking, your blog will be ready and the dashboard will open in front of you.

So friends, I hope you have learned from my blog How to create a free Blog in 2021.

I hope you liked this post and you can share it with your friends, who have to learn  How to Create free blog.


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