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What to do after creating a New Blog on Blogspot

 What to do after creating a new blog on Blogspot. If you have also created a new blog, then you must also want to know that What to do after creating a new blog So that you can become a good blogger. The new blogger always has the problem that they make a blog but what they have to do.

Create New Blog

We learned how to create a free blog in our last post, if you want to learn this, then you can read How to create a Blog in 2021 in this post.

The new blogger does not have a problem creating a blog but what to do after creating a blog, this is the main problem of the new blogger.

What to do after creating a new blog on Blogspot.

After creating a blog, the first job of a new blogger is to design the blog properly. Put the best themes on your blog. Apply a theme that your visitors will like it. Choose the theme properly so that when you publish the post, it will be fast loading in the browser Because if your blog is not fast loading then the readers will not read your blog and they will go to another blog.

Whatever theme you choose, it should be mobile friendly, SEO friendly, fast loading and simple.

Add Gadget to Blogger. 

Add a search gadget so that the visitor can also find your old posts.

Add the description of the blog so that people know which subject our blog is on.

Create important pages on the blog such as ... About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy.

Basic Blog Settings

Title - Creating a blog, you have to do basic settings of the blog 

Discription - Titles we have already added.Write about your blog in the description such as which subject your blog is on.

In basic settings set how many posts you want to show on your blog.

Who can comment on your blog you can set it.

Language and Formating - From here you can change the time zone of your blog. Date and language can also be changed from here.

Remove any extras feature in the blog that do not live up to our work such as Power by Blogger.

Add Social Media Button

Make sure to put social media buttons on your blog so that anyone can share your post on social media.

Make an account on social media in the name of your blog so that you can share your posts on social media.

Create Sitemaps

Create a sitemap for your blog. The sitemap of the blog is in the XML format. That file contains all the URLs of your blog. 

If you write any new post or update any post, then Sitmap gets information about it. 

Search Engine

After having all the settings of the blog, submit the blog to the search engine so that your blog is searched in Google.

Create Important Page's -

After creating a blog, create the necessary pages for the blog. Which is very important for blog. You have to create About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions pages for your blog.

Create Label for Your Blog -

Set label on your blog. With the help of labels, visitors can easily find their favorite posts.

So friends, you must know that  What to do after creating a new blog on Blogspot.This will help you to do Blogging.

I hope you liked this post What to do after creating a new blog on Blogspot.


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