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How to get more traffic to your blog

How to get more traffic to your blog. Are you searching the same, You also need traffic to your blog, If you too have created your new blog and are thinking how to bring traffic to your blog, then  today we will study in this article How to get more traffic to your blog. 

More Traffic On Blog

The new blogger has a dream that traffic on his blog and rank in Google's first page. New bloggers can also bring traffic to their blog. Traffic to the new blog is very important for blogger. If the new blogger follows some points well then there is good traffic on their blog.

 Keyword Research

How to get more traffic to your blog. 
This is a very important point for a new blogger. The new blogger should select such a subject that if anyone reads it, then interest in reading it. Use keywords in the right place in your blog.

  • You have to write your blog according to your subject.
  • Use Long Tail Keywords in Blog.
  • Always choose keywords with high search volume and low competition.
If you do this then traffic will definitely come to your blog.

  • Submit Blog in Search Engine

If you are a new blogger and have created your own blog, then you have to submit it to Google search engine.
To submit a new blog to Google search engine, you have to submit your blog in Google search console and all posts have to be submitted to Google Search Console.
If your topic is unique and anyone search related to your subject then definitely traffic will come to your blog.

  • Use Social Media Account
New bloggers should always use social media accounts because nowadays all the people are active on social media.
You must create all social media accounts for your blog and people have to speak to follow him. 
You will have to create your own blog page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all other social sites.

  • Use of Internal Links
Use of Internal Links means you have to use your old post links into your new post.
Which will increase views on your old posts and new posts as well. Doing internal links makes your post friendly and the visitor stays on your post longer.

  • Use of Important Pages

You have to create important pages of your blog like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy.
So that the visitor knows what your blog is about, what is in your blog.

  • Do Comment in You Blog
If a visitor has a comment on your blog, then you must answer that comment. If you reply to the comment of the visitor, then the visitor will also comment on your second post But if you do not reply to your comment, then the visitor will not visit your blog again.
That is why always reply to comment due to which the traffic of your post increases.

  • Always Update Blog
New bloggers always have to update their old posts regularly because Google rank updated post.
Always write long article because Google alway prefer long article.

  • Make Blog User Friendly
Always make Blog User Friendly. use simple and atractive theme for blog.
If your blog theme takes loading, then the visitor will close your post before opening it.
If this happens then it has a bad effect on your traffic. So always use Make Blog User Friendly. Always make Blog mobile friendly also.

  • Join Question and Answer Sites
You can join the question and answer website because on such a site you get related visitors of your topic and you can  tell the visitors of your post there.

  • Guest Post
If you post a guest post on another blog and a visitor likes your blog, then he visits your blog.

  • Write Search Description
Always write search description in your all post. Search posts can also bring traffic to our posts.

  • Make YouTube Videos
You can make a video of your blog. You can promote your blog by making a video. You can make a video of your blog's upcoming post or a video of your post which has more visitors.

How to get more traffic to your blog. 
So friends today, we learned about How to get more traffic to your blog. ( how to increase traffic on the blog ) and I hope you will like my post.



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