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Top 10 Point's to make Article SEO Friendly

 Top 10 Point's to make Article SEO Friendly.

Today we will learn that How to make article SEO friendly and how to rank article in google. 

SEO Friendly Article

To rank your website / blog in Google, you need have to write a friendly article. If you write a SEO friendly article, then there will be good traffic on your blog. 

If you want to know what it is SEO then you can read What is SEO

How to Make your article SEO Friendly in 10 points.

1 - Keyword 

The keyword plays an important role for writing the SEO friendly article. Keyword research is required to write every article. Every blogger needs to know what a keyword is so that it can rank your post. You should use keywords in your article so that the quality of your article will increase. Do not write keywords too often in posts

If you want to know what is Keyword then you can read What is Keyword

2 - Title 

Title is main part of the article. The title plays an important role to make article SEO friendly. Must use the keyword in the title of the article. You can use Effective word in title like....Top , Best, Amazing ,  and use numeric number in you Title. If you use an effective word in the title, then the chances of visiting your posts increases.

Always use Long tail keyword in Title.          Always write the title in simple words.

3 - Article 

Collect all the information on which topic you want to write your article. Always write articles in small paragraph.

Always bold the important part in the article. You can also do underline on important line in article. Always write the post in point and write it simple.

3 - Long Article

Always write long article.In long article you can do more keywords. You can write more information in long articles and the visitor will spend more time on your post.

4 - Use Images

Every blogger adds an image to a post. If you add an image to a post, your image should be clear.

5 - Use Keyword in Paragraph

Always write keywords in the first and last paragraph. If you do this then chances of your post being ranked in Google. You can always use your main keyword in first and last paragraph of article.

6 - Use Internal Links

You can always add your other article link to your different article. By doing this, your other posts will also start visiting visitors.

7 - Use External Links

You can use other website link into your article. By doing this increases your website ranking in Google.

8 - Use Focus Keyword in Description

When you submit your article that time you have to write the article description and it is very important for our article.

  Whenever you write a description of your article, then definitely put focus keyword in it. This makes your post SEO friendly. Description must be up to 150 words.

9 - Don't do Grammar Mistakes

Do not refuse grammar mistakes in the article. If you do Grammar Mistakes, Google will know and your post will never be Seo friendly. If you write an article, then before publishing, make sure that there is no mistaking.

10 - Heading and Subheading

Always use heading and Subheading in your post. If you do the heading then it increases the chances of making your post SEO friendly.

Always use social media sharing button in your article.

So friends, we read in this article Top 10 Point's to make Article SEO Friendly. And I hope you like this post. If you like this post, then you must share this post with your friends.


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