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What is a keyword? What is the importance of keywords in Blogging

 Today we will learn What is Keyword ? What is the importance of keywords in Blogging. If you are already in blogging field then you will know what is the keyword and importance of Keyword in Blogging or if you are new to blogging then you will not know much about keywords. So today we will learn about the keywords in this post and how important the keywords are in blogging.


The keyword is an important factor for ranking your post in Google. Every blogger has to select a subject for blogging and blogging with related keywords of the same subject. Increases traffic to our posts with keywords.

Today we will know in this post that...

How to start Blog

What to do after creating a New Blog


What is Keyword

Importance of Keyword

Types of Keyword

Where do you put keywords in the Blog

Where to do keyword research


What is Keyword -

A keyword is a word with the help of which we write a post. With the help of Keyword Google know the topic of Blogger. In blogging keywords are very important because posts are ranked in Google with the help of keywords.

For example If you do some search in google like what is Blogging then Blogging is Keyword.

Importance of Keyword -

If you use keyword properly in your blog and do SEO then your blog will rank in Google and Blog will get more traffic. 

What is SEO you can learn about SEO.

Types of Keyword -

Short tail keyword are at least 3/4 word. That's why they known as Short tail keyword. For example 

"What is Blogging", 

"What is SEO", 

"What is Blog",

"Who is Blogger"  these are all short tail keyword.

Long tail Long tail keyword There are more words so it's known as Long tail keyword. For example of Long tail keyword are 

"Importance of SEO in Blogging",

"Men Watches in Silver Colour",

"Best Smartphone under 20000/-"

Where do you put keywords in the Blog -

Keywords must be used in the correct place in the post so that your post can rank in Google and get traffic on your post. You can use Keyword in Blog Title, You can use Keyword in First Paragraph and in Last Paragraph. You can Bold your Keyword.

Where to do keyword research -

With this help, you will know how much your keyword's monthly search volume is.

Google keyword planner



These all are keyword research tools you can search your keyword and find your keyword Monthly Search Volume.

So friends, in today's topic we learned about Keyword. Means What is Keyword ? What is the importance of Keyword in Blogging. I hope you liked today's topic.


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  2. Wow this will really help me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Very useful about keywords! I've been blogging for two years, but there's still a lot to learn. Thank you!

  4. This is an interesting article. It takes quite some level of self discipline to do the necessary research and insert the keyword in the right strategic places. However it is also necessary to remember that Machine Learning is making search engines understand intent much better.


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