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How to Create Successful Money Making Blog

Money Making Blog

Hello friends, Today we will learn about How to Create Successful Money Making Blog. If you also want to earn money from a blog, then this post is very important for you. In this post you will learn about Money Making Blog, How to Create Successful Money Making Blog, How to earn money from blog, how to earn money as beginer from blog.

If you are new to blogging, then you first need to know what blogging is.If you fully understand blogging then you can earn good money from blogging.  

In today's post, we will give all that information about How to Create Successful Money Making Blog. 

How to Create Successful Money Making Blog.

So friends, we learn how we can create a successful money making blog. 

  • What is Blog, Blogging and Blogger
Blog - A blog is a place where people write their thoughts or some information. All of you must be doing some search on Google and the information that Google gives us is called blog. Whatever you write in Google, Google will search you and give solutions through different websites or blogs. 
A blog is a website or blog that is updated every time and new information is published.

Blogging - Blogging means that every blogger publishes posts in their blog, it is called blogging. Suppose you have a website or blog and whatever article you publish in it is called blogging. 

Blogger - A blogger is one who gives information to people by publishing a post or article through a blog or website, it is called a blogger.

How to Create Successful Money Making Blog..

  • Choose best Niche for Blog
This is very important to make a blog. If you want to become successful in blogging, then you have to select best topic of the blog. 
New bloggers always make the same mistake, they select the wrong topic and start blogging due to which they do not get a topic to write blogs and they quit blogging. 

Select the Niche according to your interest. If you select the topic according to your interest, then you will be able to do blogging.

  • Create Blog on WordPress or  Blogger
Select the platform where you have to start blogging.

WordPress - To make a blog on WordPress, you have to spend some money. To create a blog on WordPress, you have to buy hosting and domain name. 

Blogger - You do not have to spend money to create a blog on blogger Because Blogger gives free service. You can create free Blog on blogger. If you are a new blogger then you start with blogger and make your own blog in free.

How to Create Successful Money Making Blog.

  • Select Theme for your Blog
After creating a blog, you have to choose a good theme for your blog. While selecting the theme, you have to take care that the theme is good, which has low loading speed. If you choose the wrong theme, then the visitor will not visit your blog. 

  • Blog's Basic Settings
After creating the blog, do the basic settings of the blog. In the settings of the blog, you have to set the title, search description, post and comment, font. and many mores. If you do a basic setting of the blog, it will bring good traffic to your blog.

  • Learn SEO and Keyword
Before writing a blog learn about SEO and Keyword. While writing a blog you have to write a SEO friendly article. Use keywords properly when writing a blog. While writing a blog, do keyword research. Both are important for your blog to increase traffic and to rank in Google.

  • Create Important Page's for your Blog
After creating a blog, you have to create important pages for your blog. 
About Us
Contact Us
Privacy and Policy

Make all these pages.

  • Submit your Blog in Google Search Console
After creating a blog, you have to submit your blog to Google search console. It's important for new blogger beacause Google index your blog in search console.

How to Create Successful Money Making Blog

  • Make Favicon for your Blog 

This is also important for blogger. New blogger always make Favicon for their blog. In blogging, the favicon means an icon. Which is on the left side of the website.  In simple Word When you open any site, an icon appears on the left side of that website, it is called favicon in blogging.

  • Increase traffic on your Blog

This is also an important new for new blogger to Increase Traffic On the Blog.
New bloggers should always do something new to get traffic. 
They should do SEO, Blog Submissions in Blog directory, Blog promotion, join question and answer site to get traffic on new blog.

  • Add Email Subscription Widget

Blogger should add email subscription widget to their blog because Adding Email Subscription Widget Increases Traffic On Your Blog. 

If a visitor subscribes to your blog and If you publish a new post, then he gets notification of your new post. Visitor gets notification of your new post by email subscription and Traffic is increased on your new post. 

So friends, in today's post we learned that How to Create Successful Money Making Blog. I hope you liked this post.
New blogger can follow these steps and make their blog successful.

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