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Full Setting of Blog..

In today's post, we will learn how to do a full setting of the blog. If you are also a new blogger, then this post is very important for you. In today's post, we are going to tell you how to do the full setting of the blog. New bloggers can set up blog with the help of these posts. 

If you are a new blogger and you do not do your blog settings properly then google does not show your blog in search engine.

Full Setting of Blog

So let's know the blog's setting step by step..

  • First login into blogger with your Gmail account.
  • After login into blogger go to Setting Option.
Basic Settings -

  • Title - In this option you have to write your blog Title.
  • Description - In this option you have to write short description of your blog. You can write short description about 500 words.
  • Blog Language - In this option you have to select your blog language.
  • Fevicon - You can set your website icon from this option.
Privacy Setting

  • Visiable to Search Engine - You can enable or select yes Option from here. 

  • Blog Address - In this option you can see your blog address. With the help of Google can search our blog in search engine.

  • Https - Full form of https is hypertext transfer protocol secure. This is very important for blog. This will helps your website to secure and also helps to increase ranking in Google.

  • Blog Admins and Authors - You can manage your email address from this option. You can also Add more Admins.
  • Reader Access - From this option you can set public or private Access for your blog. You can set public option here. If you can select public option then your blog can read anyone from Google Search Engine.

  • Max page shown on main page - How many posts do you have to show on my page you can set from here.
  • Post Template - You can add any text here which will automatically add to the next post.
  • Image Lightbox - You can enable this option because your image will shown in Popup format.
  • Ideas Panel - This is new feature of Blogger. you can enable this option from here.

  • Comment Location - You can set Comment location enable from in this option.
  • Who can comment - If you want that anyone can comment on your blog, then set Anyone here.
  • Comment Moderation - If someone comments on your blog, it should be an instant show or after your approval you can set from here.
  • Email Moderation requests to -
  • Reader comment captcha - You can enable this option from here for comment varification.
  • Comment form message - From this option You can comment on visitors comment.

  • Post using Email - You can send a post via email from here.
  • Comment notification Email - Through this option, if someone comments on your post, then you get the notification by email.
  • Pending comment notification emails - You can check pending comment notification emails here.
  • Email posts to - You can add email to post by email.
  • Pending post notification emails - You can check pending post notification emails here.

  • Time zone - You can set time zone from here.
  • Date header format - From here you can set the date format.
  • Timestamp format - From here you can set your time format.
  • Comment timestamp format - You can set time format for post comments.
Meta Tags

  • Enable search description - You can enable this option. Which will show search description.
  • Search description - Here you have to write about your website. Which shows below the website.
Errors and redirects

  • Custom 404 - If you get an error of 404 on your blog, then you can set it from here.
  • Custom redirects - Returning an invalid URL to a valid URL it's called custom redirects.
Crawlers and indexing

  • Enable custom robots.txt - First enable custom robots.txt Option.
  • Custom robots.txt - Google can index and crawl your pages from here.
  • Enable custom robots header tags - You can enable this option.
  • Home page tags - Select All and noodp Option.
  • Archive and search page tags - Select noindex and noodp Option. 
  • Post and page tags - Select all and noodp Option.
  • Google Search Console - You can submit your blog in Google Search Console from this option.

  • Enable custom ads.txt - Enable this option.
  • Custom ads.txt - When your blog will be approved by Google Adsense, then you have to use this option.
Manage Blog

  • Import content - You can import posts and comments from a Blogger export file.
  • Back up content - You can back up content from here of your blog.
  • Remove your blog - You can also remove your blog from here.

Site feed

  • Allow blog feed - Select Full Option from here.
  • Blog post feed - Select Full Option from here.
  • Blog comment feed - This option allows comments to be shared over email.
  • Per-post comment feeds - How many comments do you want to share on your blog.
  • Post feed redirect URL - You can use the Post Feed Redirect URL, When You Rename Your Blog.
  • Post feed footer - Post feed footer means While someone read your blog via feed reader then it is possible to show him a custom message or advertisement below each post.
  • Title and enclosure links - You can enable this option.
  • User Profile - You can set up your user profile.
So guys, I hope you like this post. Full Setting of Blog. In today's post, we have shared information about how to do the complete setting of the blog. 

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