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How to write articles to rank quickly in Google

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How to write articles to rank quickly in Google. Friends, in today's article, we will learn that How to write articles to rank quickly in Google. 

Friends, if you make a blog, then you should have complete knowledge of how to write an article. If you do not know how to write an article, then your blog will not rank in Google. When your blog does not rank in Google, then all your hard work will be wasted. That is why whenever you write an article, write that article in such a way that it is ranked in Google. 

In today's article, we are going to teach you how to write a blog article to get ranked quickly in Google. This article will be very helpful to new blogger.

How to write articles to rank quickly in Google.

1- Practicing your topic -

Understand the topic before writing the article. Get as much information as possible. The more information you get, the more information you can write in the article.

2- Create a blue print of the article -

Do not write articles without doing any practice. Think before writing an article.
On which topic are you writing an article, what point do you have to write in the article? Make blue print of article. If you practice it before writing the article, then you will be able to write the article easily. And you can write all the points that you want to write in a article.

3- Use Attractive Heading -

Whenever you write an article, you have to use Attractive Heading because  visitors read your blog by reading your article headings. 

If you use Attractive Heading, then the visitor gets an idea of what is written in your article. So always use attractive heading in your blog.

4- Write the article in simple language -

Whatever article you will write, write it in simple language and in easy words. Write your article by understanding what your visitors want from you. Use simple words in your article. 

5 - Use Short Paragraph in Article -

Always write the article in short paragraph. Do not write too long paragraphs in articles. If you write an article in a longer paragraph, then the visitor will not get much interest in reading and will not read the article. If you write the article in short paragraphs, then the visitors will get interest in reading and they will visit your site again and again.

6 - Write Unique Article -

Whatever article you wrote should always be different from other articles. 
Because if your article is unique then your visitors will love to read the article. If your article is unique then your visitors will get something new to read.

7 - Write Article in Structure wise -

You have to make the structure of the article, in that you have to Add Article Title,  Article Description, Article Points and ending description of article.

8 - Use Special Character in Article - 

Always add special variables in the article. You can use bullet points, numbers, under line and etc in your article. You can bold an important line

9 - Use Images in Article - 

Be sure to use the image when you need it in your article. Because the image will allow the visitor to quickly understand what you have written in the article. Do not use more images in the article. 

10 - Write Long Article - 

Always write long articles. In the long article, you can explain the topic very well. You can use your targeted keywords more times in article.

How to Write Article to Rank Quickly in Google.

I hope you enjoy How to write articles to rank quickly in Google this post and I hope that you will get to learn a lot from this post. If you like How to Write Article to Rank Quickly in Google article, then do share it with your friends.

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