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How To Add Sitemap To Blogger

 How To Add Sitemap To Blogger..

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In today's post we will learn what is Sitemap and how to submit it. If you have made your own blog then you have to create a sitemap for your blog. Creating a sitemap for a blog is as important as submitting a blog to Google Search Console. 

How To Add Sitemap To Blogger.

In today's post, we will learn the points given below.

What is Sitemap

How to create sitemap for blog

How to submit sitemap

What is Sitemap -

The sitemap of the blog is in the XML format. That file contains all the URLs of your blog. 

If you write any new post or update any post, then Sitmap gets information about it. 

How to Create Sitemap For Blog -

Creating a sitemap for a blog is as important as submitting a blog to Google Search Console. 

If you have created a new blog and have not submitted it to Google Search Console, then you should read How To Submit Blog In Google Search Console this post. 

1 - First of all to create sitmap for blog go to 

2 - As soon as you click on the link, a site like the image below will open in front of you.

Sitemap image

3 - To create sitmap, you have to write the url of your blog. Click on START button.

4 - Wait for some time after clicking on the start button. 

5 - Wait till the process is over then click on View Sitmap.

6 - Now your sitemap ready.

How To Submit Sitemap To Google Search Console -

1 - First login in Google Search Console page.

2 - Select your site to which you have to submit the sitemap.

Google search console image

3 - You have to click on the sitemaps as in the above image.

4 - After clicking on sitmap you have to type the url of sitemap.

5 - In sitemap you have to enter your blog url and after that sitemap.xml and submit it.

6 - Now your sitemap is completely submitted and Google will start indexing your blog.

How To Add Sitemap To Blogger.

In this way, you can create a sitemap of your blog and submit it to Google Search Console. 

I hope that with the help of this post, you must have got information about what is sitmap and how to submit it in Google Search Console.


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