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How To Start Your Blog

How To Start Your Blog..

If you want to create a successful blog and you do not have complete knowledge about it, then you are reading the right post. You can easily create a successful blog by reading this post. 

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You do not need to know any coding to create a blog, you can start blogging without any coding. 

How To Start Your Blog, in this post, we have given information about how to create a blog by adding some points.

You can start a blog with the help of the following points.

1 - Choose Your Niche -

This is a very important point for blogging. Niche means subject or topic. You have to choose a topic for blogging.  You have to select such a topic for blogging with the help of which you can write a post on that topic. 

Select the subject you are interested in because you can write better information about that subject. Whatever subject you choose, research it, how many people are interested in it. Always remember while selecting the subject that you do not have to write 1 or 2 posts on the that topic, you have to write more posts on that topic.

2 - Select Blogging Platform -

You can use blogger and wordpress to create a blog. You can create a blog with the help of both platform. 

WordPress - You can easily create a blog with the help of WordPress. You don't need any coding to do blogging on WordPress. You get all the plugins on WordPress, with the help of which you can do blogging. 

To create a blog on WordPress, you need a domain name and hosting.

Blogger - You can create a free blog on blogger. 

Blogger is a service of Google where you do not need hosting, you can do blogging by adding your custom domain. 

3 - Select Your Blog Language -

Language is also important to start a blog. Choose the right language for blogging. If you select the wrong language then it affects your blog. If you want to get high traffic then you can select English language. 

If you select any other language then you can add language translate widget to your blog. With the help of language translate widget your visitors can read the post by translating your blog into their own language.

4 - Domain Name -

Choose the right domain name for your blog. Domain name is the address of your blog. Select the domain name similar to the topic on which your blog is. You should remember this even if you are using a free hosted domain.

Buy a short domain name for your blog. If you buy a long domain name, then it is difficult for the visitor to remember it. 

The domain name is the address of your blog, so while selecting it, remember that it should be simple and easy to read. 

You can buy cheap domain name from bigrock. 

5 - Select Good Theme -

You have to select the best theme for your blog. While selecting the theme, remember that it should be simple, loading speed should be good. Your blog theme should be responsive it means it automatically adjusts on any device.

Blog theme should always attract visitors. The blog theme should have simple colors which will force the visitors to visit your blog again and again. Blog theme should not have too many widgets.

You can download good themes for your blog from Google. 

6 - Blog Setting -

Complete setting up of blog. Set up the blog properly. In blog setting, you have to write your blog title, add search description, add custom domain, custom robots.txt file setting.

Comment Moderation setting, meta tags setting.

7 - Set Blog Fevicon Icon -

In blogging, the favicon means an icon. Which is on the left side of the website. In simple word when you open any site, an icon appears on the left side of that website, it is called favicon in blogging. 

Every website has an icon. If you are a new blogger, then you should also create a favicon for your blog so that you can get a good professional look of the blog.

If you have open one or more tab in you laptop then you can identify your blog by looking at the icon of your blog.

If a visitor likes your post, then that visitor recognizes the icon of your blog and is again attached to your blog Because of which your blog's ranking increases.

8 - Create Important Page's -

Create Important Page's for your blog. After creating a blog, you need to create some important pages which are important for your blog. 

About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions.

9 - Submit Blog in Search Engine -

After creating a blog, you should submit your blog to the search engine. After creating a blog, the blog should be submitted to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. Your blog reaches the visitors after submitting it to the search engine. 

10 - Write Your Blog Post -

After creating a blog, you have to write your first post. You have to write a good title in the post and start writing the post. You can also use images along with text in blog posts.

In the post, you can make important text bold, some important points can be numbers, bullet points. 

11 - Promote and Grow Your Blog -

After writing a post on your blog, you have to promote it and increase traffic on your blog. To increase traffic on the blog, you have to promote your blog.

 You can use platforms like Facebook group, Instagram, Quora to your blog to bring blog traffic. 

How to start your blog 

Conclusion -

I hope you can easily start a blog with the information given above and I hope you like  How To Start Your Blog this post.

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