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How To Use Keyword In Article

 How To Use Keyword In Article..

In today's article we will learn that what is Keyword, meaning of Keyword,how to use Keyword in article, Which Keywords are best for beginners.

Keyword Research

What is Keyword

Keyword are phrases in article that make it possible to readers to find out your website by all search engines. Keyword is very important for SEO.

To know some information, we search by typing some words in the search engine, it is called keyword.

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Keyword are phrases in our article to describe our article. Keywords are used to increase the traffic of the blog and to increase the ranking of the blog. 

We can use Keyword in our article for better search results. We can use targeting Keyword in article.

You have to use keywords to rank your blog on the first page of Google. You have to write SEO friendly articles for that. With the help of which increases the ranking and traffic of your blog. 

A Keyword can be defined as a short tail or long tail keyword. Mostly two or three word known as short tail keyword and more than four word known as long tail keyword.

Short tail keyword are taking long time to rank in search engine but long tail keyword are very easy to rank in search engine. Because long tail keyword are low competition and easy to rank.

How to select Keyword for your article

When doing keyword research You have to select your article related keyword. Your keywords are similar to your article.

If you are writing an article on a targeted topic then you have to focus on Targeted keyword for that article.

You can rank your article by using simple keywords. 

Always focus on long tail keyword

You should always think about what your visitors want from you.

How To Use Keyword In Article.

How do I set Keyword in article

Title - You can use your Keyword in Title. Blog title should always be effective and you can use your Keyword in Title.

Meta Description - You can use your Keyword in posts meta description.

First Paragraph - You should always use the focus keyword in the first paragraph of your article. use your Keyword in first 100 to 200 word.

Bold and Italics - You should bold the your focus keyword.

Last Paragraph - You should also write the keyword in the last paragraph of the blog post.

Where to do keyword Research

You can use keyword research tools to do keyword research. There are many keyword research tools available on the internet with the help of which we can do keyword research. 

With the help of Keyword research tools we can do Keyword Research, Keyword search volume and find perfect Keyword for our blog post.

Following are some Keyword research tools

  •   Ubersuggest
  •   Google Keyword Planner
  •   Semrush
  •   Ahrefs

What are the best Keyword for beginners

1 - Beginners should always use long tail keywords in blog posts.

2 - Long tail keywords are always easy to rank.

3 - Long tail keyword are low competitive.

4 - They gets more traffic to your post.

5 - They provide more information to readers.

6 - These are the Keyword that people are actually search.

Conclusion -

Today you learned that what is Keyword and How To Use In Article. How to do keyword Research and where you can put your Keyword in article. What are the best Keyword for beginners.

I hope you like this post How To Use Keyword In Article.

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