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How To Rank Your Post On Google's First Page

 In today's post we will learn that How To Rank Your Post on Google's First Page.

How To Rank Your Post on Google's First Page

In today's time, everyone is creating their own blog and submitting it to the search engine. By submitting it to the Google search engine, he wants his blog to be ranked on the first page of Google. But Google does not rank everyone's articles on the first page. For that you have to follow some points How To Rank Your Post on Google's First Page.

To bring blog post to Google search engines, you have to make your post SEO friendly. You can do SEO for your blog post and rank your blog post on search engine.

How To Rank Your Post on Google's First Page

You can rank your post on the first page of Google by following the points.

1 - Use of Focus Keyword in Title -

If you are writing a post, then the most important part of it is the title. If you define the your post title in easily, then your reader will easily know on which topic the post is written. You can use your focus keyword in the title of the post. On which topic your post is, it all depends on the title. If you put the focus keyword in the title, then it will definitely appear in the search engine. If you want your post to appear in Google search engine then you should use keyword in title.

2 - Use of Long Tail Keyword in Title -

Always keep post title long. Using Long Tail Keywords in Titles Ranks Quickly in Search Engines. Search Engines Always Rank Long Tail Keywords. You can use your main keyword by using long tail keyword. Instead of using short tail keywords, new bloggers should use long tail keywords so that your post can show up in Google search engines quickly. 

Examples of Long Tail Keyword -

Best shoes under 2000 rs.

How to rank your blog in Google Search Console.

3 - Use Your Keyword in First Paragraph -

You should use your focus keyword in the first paragraph while writing a blog post. If you use the focus keyword in the first paragraph, then Google will rank your post quickly. New bloggers always make the same mistake, they do not give much importance to the focus keyword and use the focus keyword as per their requirement. Then Google does not rank their posts because they do not use the keywords properly in post.

4 - Keyword Research For Your Post -

Before writing a post, do keyword research so that you can search keywords for your post. By doing keyword research, you get the keyword for your post and you can write your post using your focus keyword.

You can use keyword research tools to do keyword research. 

With the help of keyword research tools, you can do keyword research and you can find Low competitive keyword, High competitive keyword, medium competitive keyword.

Always use low competitive keywords because the search volume of low competitive keywords is low and they rank quickly in Google.

With the help of keyword research tools, you can find keywords for your posts and check the search volume of keywords.

5 - Always Analysis Your Competitive -

You should always learn something new from your competitor. You can read his post and try to learn something new. Read his post and try to know how his post is ranking in Google Search Engines.

6 - Make Your Content  -

Content is called king in blogging. The more unique your content, the more you will benefit. Google always gives importance to unique content. The more unique content you write, Google will always rank your content in search engines. You have to create your own content by doing keyword research and using keyword to rank the post in Google search engines. 

You have to write your article in long. You can give maximum information in a long article. You have to write your article in at least 1000 words. Google search engine also always prefers long articles to rank.

7 - Use Internal linking and External Linking -

Internal linking means you can use your one post link in your other article. If any of your posts are getting ranked in Google, then you should use that post link in your other post that's called Internal linking.

You can create backlink from high authority site by writing guest post, it is called external linking. 

Similarly, with the help of internal linking and external linking, you can rank your post.

8 - On Page SEO -

Before publishing the post, you need to do On Page SEO of your blog post.

You can use your Keyword in Title, You can use your Keyword in meta Tags.

You can not copy other's content. You can use image in your post. You can write long article.

Always write your article in short Paragraph it will help your readers to understand very well.

9 - Off Page SEO -

After creating post you need to do Off Page SEO of your blog.

Off Page SEO means you can share it on all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

You can write guest post to high authority site and get a backlink from that site.

You can submit your blog in directory.

10 - Submit Your Site In Search Engines -

After creating a blog, it should be submitted to the search engine. You should submit the blog to search engines like Google search engines, Bing, Yahoo. You get traffic from all these search engines and your blog ranks in search engines. 

11 - Blog Design - 

You should keep your blog design simple. You keep the blog design simple, the search engine gives more importance to your post. Your blog speed, menu, color, all these factors are important in blog design. 

12 - Search Description -

You have to write the search description for your post. You should use your focus keywords in the search description.

Search description helps your readers to know what is written in your post.

How To Rank Your Post on Google's First Page.

Conclusion -

Today you learned that to get your post in Google search engines, you have to do SEO of your blog. by doing SEO you can rank your blog post on Google's First Page.

I hope you like this post How To Rank Your Post on Google's First Page.

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