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How To Make Blog Title Seo Friendly

 How To Make Blog Title Seo Friendly..

SEO friendly Title

Just like you know that you write a blog post, you also have to write a title for the post. If you write unique or seo friendly blog title then your blog gets more traffic or benefits from search engine.

If you write attractive or unique blog title then your blog will gets more views or increase traffic. For which the title of your blog should be SEO friendly.

In today's post, we have added some points, with the help of that Point's you can also make your blog title SEO friendly.

What is Blog Title

Blog title means heading name of your article. If you write an article, then you have to write the title of that article so that the visitor understand what is written in your article. From the blog title, the visitor can understand what  you have written in your article.

How To Make Blog Title Seo Friendly

1 - Use Keyword in Title

To make your blog title SEO friendly, you should use keywords in the title. When we write a post, we use keywords in the post. We can't write a post without keywords. 

To write a post, we do keyword research and we write SEO friendly articles using low competitive keywords. If we use our focus keyword in our blog title, then we can make the title SEO friendly. That's why we should use keywords in the title.

2 - Use of Numbers in Title

You can also use numbers to make your blog title more interesting. If you use numbers in the title, then it gets more clicks in the search results. 

You can use Top 10, 20 etc.

Top 10 point to increase traffic on your blog.

Top 10 point to make your article SEO friendly

If you write the title like above, then it gets more clicks in the search results. Similar titles are used by more bloggers and make blog titles SEO friendly.

3 - Use of Interesting Words

You can use some special words to make the blog title SEO friendly. Use some special words in the title so that the visitors will find it interesting to read.

Use some special words like.. Best, Important, Top etc..

If you use similar words then your blog title looks more eye catching for visitors.

4 - Use How,Why,When in Title

If you want to make the blog title interesting, then definitely use the above word in your title. If you use this word in title, then the title becomes more attractive.

You can attract visitors by using such keywords. 

5 Always Make Short Title

Always write the blog title in short. If you write a short title, it will be easier for your visitors to read and he will easily understand what is written in his blog.

If you write long title then visitors will not intersting to read it and they will return without reading your article.

Benefits of SEO Friendly Title

  • By writing the blog title unique, it gets more visits in the search engines.
  • More visits in search engines means more clicks on the site.
  • Writing blog titles SEO friendly gets more traffic from search engines.
  • By making the blog title SEO friendly, your visitors share the post on social media sites, which increases traffic on the site.
  • blog ranking also increase with good title of blog.
Today we learned what is a blog title and How To Make Blog Title Seo Friendly. Benefits of SEO friendly blog title. If you liked this post, then you must share the post on social media sites.

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