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Top Mostly Questions Ask By New Blogger

 Top Mostly Questions Ask By New Blogger

Blogging Questions

In this post, we are going to give you some information related to blogging that always confuses new bloggers. When a new blogger starts his new blog, a lot of questions are created in his mind. Today we are going to tell you answer of that questions by this post.

Top Mostly Questions Ask By New Blogger

1 - Which Platform Should I Use For Blogging

This is a common question for new blogger. This question always confuses new bloggers. There are both free and paid platforms are available to start blogging. Mostly WordPress and Blogger platform are used to start blogging.

Blogger - You can use Blogger platform to start blogging. It's free platform. You can use it easily and create your blog in zero cost. In blogger Platform you can use free subdomain for your blog or you can apply your own custom domain for your blog.

WordPress - You can create blog using Wordpress platform. To use WordPress Platform You need own hosting and custom domain. 

2 - Which Hosting Should I Use For Blogging

Having good hosting is also an important factor for blogging. Hosting means that all the details of your website or blog will be stored in it. If a user opens your blog, then with the help of hosting, our pages are shown to him. There are many companies on the internet that provide hosting. Hosting speed should be fast, high loading capacity. 

While buying hosting, check its details properly then buy hosting. You need to do own research to buy hosting and buy hosting according to your blog.

3 - Domain Name

Domain name is the unique name of your blog. Any visitors on the Internet access your website with the help of domain name. 

You should buy a domain name related to the niche of your blog. If your blog is related to any particular subject then you should buy domain related that particular subject. 

Even if you use a free blogging platform, you will have to choose a unique domain name.

There are many companies on the Internet that provide domain names. 

You have to buy a good domain name for your blog. You will get the domain name in the price of 500 to 1000.

4 - How Long Should My Article

The longer you write the blog post, Your article will rank quickly in Google. Google always prefers long articles. Those who are new to blogging should always remember that you should write an article of at least 1000 to 1500 words. The longer you write the article, the more information you will be able to write in your article. 

Before writing an article, you should make the structure of the article. What information do you have to share in the article, which points have to be added and then you have to write the article. You should decide how many articles you have to write in a week and in a month.

5 - Template/Theme For My Blog

New blogger should use simple theme for his blog. You should select theme like which should have good loading speed, which should be simple, should not have too many widgets, which should have simple color.

You can download the best themes from the internet and use that theme in your blog. You can also purchase good theme for your blog or you can use free theme for your blog.

6 - How To Bring Traffic On Blog

After starting a blog, the most difficult thing is to increase traffic on the blog. Starting a new blog does not get organic traffic. To increase organic traffic, you should write SEO friendly articles. 

By writing SEO friendly articles, Google ranks your posts in search engine. With the help of SEO friendly article traffic starts increasing on your blog. 

After starting a new blog, you can use social media sites to increase traffic on it. You can share your blog link on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn..

You can increase good traffic to your blog from social media sites. 

7 - How To Make Blog Successful

After creating a blog, the first thing to make your blog successful. To make the blog successful, you have to update the blog daily. Keep publishing weekly posts on the blog. After creating a blog, it is not immediately successful. You have to wait for a few months to make the blog successful.

To make your blog successful you have to write SEO friendly article, You have to increase the traffic of the blog. you have to learn something new every day. You always have to write posts for your readers. In this way you can make your blog successful.

8 - How To Make Money From Blogging

After making the blog successful, you can earn money from the blog. Making money from blog is not an easy task for which you have to work hard. 

Can't earn money from blog immediately after creating a blog for which you have to wait a little. keep working on the blog every day, one day definitely you will be able to earn good money from blog.

To earn money from blog, you can use tricks like Ads Networks, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsor Post, Direct Advertising etc.. But for all this you should have good traffic on your blog then you can make good income from blog.

I hope you liked Top Mostly Questions Ask By New Blogger post. I hope new blogger will get a lot of help after reading this post.

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