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How To Create SEO Friendly Permalink In Blogger

 How To Create SEO Friendly Permalink In Blogger

Hello friends welcome to In today's post we are going to teach you about permalink. As you all know, SEO has a big contribution in ranking the blog and other factors are also helpful in ranking the blog. Similarly, permalink is also very important for blogging. 

Permalink Permalink

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If you also have a blog or website, then you should have complete information about permalinks. If you do not know what is permalink, then you can get information about permalink by reading this article. 

What is Permalink

Permalink means link or url. URL of any website, URL of blog and URL of blog article is called permalink. 

Like we search by typing something in the search engine and the search engine shows us the related posts of that keyword. In it we show the link of that post and the keyword is written next to it, that is called permalink. 

How To Create SEO Friendly Permalink

Types of Permalink

There are 2 types of Permalink.

1- Automatic Permalink

2- Custom Permalink

1 - Automatic Permalink

When we write a post, then the URL of that post is set automatically, then it is called automatic permalink. Your automatic permalink is created from the first word of your blog title or the first word of the post.

2 - Custom Permalink

In Custom Permalink, you can create your own permalink. In Custom Permalink, you can customize the link after your domain name. There you can use your focus keyword and create your custom permalink. 

What are the important of Permalink in SEO

Seo plays a big role in ranking your blog. Just like SEO friendly article helps in indexing your blog, similarly seo friendly permalink is also helpful in indexing your blog. 

If you make permalink seo friendly then it will be easily indexed in search engines. Similarly, instead of automatic permalink, you have to select custom permalink which helps you to create SEO friendly permalink.

How To Create SEO Friendly Permalink In Blogger

Use Focus Keyword in Permalink -

You should put your focus keyword in the permalink of your blog. Just like you use the focus keyword while writing a blog, use the same keyword in permalink as well. By doing this, your blog starts ranking quickly in the search engines. 

Short And Easy to Read

Always write permalink in short so that your blog gets help and also keep in mind that the permalink you are writing should be easy for the user to read. 

While creating permalink, remember that your post and permalink should have similarity. 

Use "-" in Permalink word

While creating permalink you have to use "-" symbol in every word of permalink. 

For Example -


Always write lower case letter in Permalink

Always use lower case letters when creating permalinks and don't use numeric numbers in Permalink.

Don't use stopping word in Permalink

Don't use stopping word while creating permalink. Stopping word means is, the, and ,on etc..

How To Create Permalink In Blogger

So friends, in the above article, you must have read about permalink, what is permalink,  how to create seo friendly permalink, important of SEO friendly permalink.

Now we will learn that how you can create permalink on blogger. 

Step by step information about how to create permalink on blogger is given below.

  • Login with your email id in Blogger.
  • Open post setting option from right side.
Like below image page open in front of you.

  • Now click on Links and then click on Custom Permalink option.

  • Now you can write your custom permalink in custom permalink option. Always write with Dash "-" symbol in word while creating Custom Permalink.

So friends, with this information, you can easily create custom permalinks on blogger.


So friends, I hope that you have learnt something new from this article. If you liked How To Create SEO Friendly Permalink post then share with your friends.

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