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What is Blogging and Details of Blogging


Today we will learn what is blogging and how to do blogging. In today's time, you must have heard blogging, blog and blogger somewhere. many people already know about blogging, then many people will be hearing it for the first time. 


You have to work hard to become a professional blogger. nothing in the world comes without hard work. If you become a professional blogger then you can earn a lot of money from blogging. 

You must also be thinking that what is blogging and how to start it, then today in this article we will know what is blogging.

If you also want to know this, then in this article, what is blogging, blog and blogger, I am going to tell all these things in detail.

What is Blog ??

So friends know what is a blog..?? A blog is a place where people write their thoughts or some information. As many of you must be doing some search on Google and the information that Google gives us is called blog. Whatever you write in Google, Google will search for you and give you a solution through different websites or blogs.

A blog is a website or blog that is updated every time and new information is published.

Who is Blogger??

You learn what is blog, now you will learn who is a blogger..Blogger is one who gives information to people by publishing post or article through blog or website, it is called blogger. In simple language, whatever information I am writing in this blog, I am a blogger.

What is Blogging??

Now you have learn what is a blog and who is a blogger. Now we know what is blogging. Blogging means that every blogger publishes a post in his blog, it is called blogging.

Suppose you have a website or blog and whatever article you publish in it is called blogging.

So friends, we have learned what is blogging above. 

It is necessary to have some knowledge to start blogging. If you also have internet and laptop (personal computer) then you can also start blogging. You need to have computer knowledge for blogging then you can also start blogging and you can share your idea to other people.

Details of Blogging

You can write a good blog in any language and write a blog in only one language, only then you will be able to index your blog in Google. 

While writing a blog, do not copy and paste from any site or blog from Google, if you do this, then your blog will never come in the top in Google Your blog will never be able to reach anyone. 

Do blogging on the same topic and always keep publishing articles on the same topic.

Benefits of Blogging

1- If you have the passion to write, then blogging is a very good source for you to reach your ideas to the people.

2- You can become famous by helping people with blogging and can make a different identity for yourself.

3- You can earn money from blogging from home.

Can we Earn Money with Blog

Can you make money with blog This is the question of every blogger. Whose answer is yes, we can earn money from blog. for which you have to work hard.

When a lot of traffic starts coming to your blog, then you can join ads network and put ads on your blog.

You can earn money by joining affiliate marketing programs and start affiliate marketing on your blog.

We have to pay money to make a blog.

No, you don't have to pay to create a blog. You can easily create a free blog sitting at home. You can easily create a free blog by login to blogger. Blogger gives us the facility to create a free blog.

What do we need to start a blog.

We do not need much things to make a blog. To create a blog, we need a laptop and internet connection is required. If you have these things then you can easily create a blog by staying at home.

What to do to make blog successful.

  • To make the blog successful, work on the blog everyday.
  • Follow successful blogger and keep reading his blog.
  • Do not copy paste other blogger's article.
  • Write your own unique article.
  • Increase organic traffic on the blog.

Conclusion -

I hope you like this post What is Blog, Blogger and Blogging. We have shared some information about blogging above with the help of some points.


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  1. I just started blogging, want to know more about the same, content in more informative and many can use it

  2. I just started blogging, want to know more about the same, content in more informative and many can use it


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