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Way To Promote Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

Hello friends welcome to our site Learn Easily In today's post, we are going to give information about how to promote the blog and how to increase the traffic on the blog. 

Increase Blog Traffic

If you have not started a blog yet then  How To Start Your Blog Read this article 

If you want to increase traffic on your blog, then this post will be definitely helpful for you. In this post I have told Way to promote blog and increase blog traffic.

Following are way to promote your blog and increase blog traffic..

1 - Keyword Research -

Keyword research is very important to promote your blog and to increase blog traffic. Keyword is a word or a phrase that people are searching in search engine. You can increase traffic to your blog by doing keyword research for your article. 

There are two types of Keyword..
Short Tail Keyword..
Long Tail Keyword..

Bloggers use these two types of keywords for their blog. Short tail keyword usually one or two word..and long tail keyword usually three to four word..

You can use your Keyword in..
First paragraph of article
Search description

New bloggers should always use the long tail keyword for their article because long tail keyword are low search volume. Long tail keyword rank quickly in search engines.

2 - SEO -

If you want to make your blog or website top in Google So you have to do SEO. By doing SEO you can rank your blog in Google's first page.

New blogger should also focus on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is very important for blogging. If you do SEO for your blog then your blog will rank quickly in search engine and traffic of your blog will also increase from search engines.

Mainly there are Two types of SEO

On Page SEO
Off Page SEO

On Page SEO

On Page SEO means all the work that is done on your website So that our website or blog gets traffic from Google. By doing this, we can get more visitors to our blog or website and can rank in google. 

Off Page SEO

All the work that is done after the website is created is called Off Page SEO.With the help of that we can increase traffic of our blog. 

3 - Write Quality Content Article

Content is a king. You have to write quality content articles for your blog. You should write quality content articles to increase blog traffic. If you write a unique article, then traffic will increase on your blog from the search engine. 

Only numbers of visitors are not important for your blog but bounce rate also main factors for your blog.

While writing a unique article, you also have to do attention to the bounce rate of your blog. Bounce rate means that visitors don't do anything on your blog and return quickly from your blog.

4 - Backlinks

If you create backlinks for your blog, then you definitely get the benefit of it. Backlinks increase your blog's rank and traffic. 

You have to build backlinks on a website that has a lot of traffic. If you have created backlinks on such a site, then visitors of that site will definitely click on your site due to backlinks visitors of your site will increase and your site will rank quickly in search engines.

5 - Internal Linking

Internal linking means if you have one blog then you can add your your old post links into your new post it's called Internal Linking. In simple word, internal links connect the pages of the same website.

If you are writing a new post, if you have previously written a post related to the same topic, then you can add your old posts link to your new post. Internal linking also helps to increase your blog traffic.

6 - Guest Posting

Guest posting also helps to increase your blog traffic. If you write a post to another blogger according to his need, then he writes your name and site address below that post it's called Guest Posting. 

Your name and link of your site are added below the guest post with the help of guest post traffic on your blog also increases.

7 - Social Media Sharing

You should add social media sharing button on your blog, with the help of which visitors can share your post. If you add social media buttons on the blog, then social traffic starts increasing on your blog immediately.

If any of your posts are liked by your visitors, then they definitely share that post with the help of social media buttons. New blogs do not get traffic from search engines, so new bloggers can increase traffic from social media sites.

You must put popular social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest on your blog.

8 - Social Media Marketing

If you write a new post, then definitely share it on social media. It will increase your blog traffic. Facebook is a very good social media site on which many users are active. You can join groups related to blogging on Facebook and share the link of your post in the same group. 

Apart from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are also famous social media sites. You can also share the link of your post on this site and increase blog traffic. 

You can easily increase the traffic of your blog by following the above steps. With the help of which you can increase organic traffic to your blog.

Conclusion -

You might like Way To Promote and Increase Your Blog Traffic  this post. Then share with your friends and on social media sites.

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