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How To Write Your First Blog Post

 How To Write Your First Blog Post..

hello friends welcome to our blog Learn Easily Today we are going to give you information about how to write the first blog post.

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If you are a new blogger and you are writing your first post, then this post will be very helpful for you. Some important points we should keep in mind while writing the first post. 

There are some points while writing your first blog post.

  •  What is Blog Post -

Blog post means that we share some information on it. As we search some information in the search engine, then we see a lot of links there and when we open that link, the article opens in front of us that's called a blog post.

1 - Find Keyword For Post

You must do keyword research to write a post because you need a topic to write a post. You have to do keyword research on that topic. If you write your first post by doing keyword research, then you will get a lot of benefit from it. You can use keyword research tools to do keyword research. 

By doing keyword research, we can rank the post in the search engine. 

2 - Create Eye Catching Blog Title

Blog title means heading name of your article. If you write an article, then you have to write the title of that article so that the visitor understand what is written in your article. From the blog title, the visitor can understand what you have written in your article.

You have to make the blog title unique and SEO friendly. You have to make the title of the blog Eye Catching so that visitors can stay on your post for a long time.

3 - Create Your Own Content

After doing keyword research, you have to create your own content. To create content, you can read the post on the first page of Google. create your own content. 

You don't have to copy content from other's posts. You have to create your own unique content. You have to write a post for your visitors. Don't write post for you.

4 - Apply Label For Your Post

In Blogger, the label is used to arrange a blog post. With the help of which it is easy for the visitor to search the post. Visitors can search their favorite posts with the help of labels. 

If you have written lots of post in your website. Like online earning, blogging tips , seo.. If a visitor wants to know about the online earning post on your website then he can easily find the post with the help of the label.

More posts have been written on your website and you have used the label, then the visitor can easily read the posts on your site. Which helps increase your website traffic. 

5 - Add Search Description

Search Description means that appears under the title of the website. Search description is short description related to your post Which appears below the website title. 

When we write a post, we have to write a definition about that post in short so that the visitor knows on which topic our post is there.

If you are a new blogger then you should write search description of your post. By reading the search description, the visitor gets to know the topic of your post. Adding search description helps to search your blog in Google.

6 - Create Custom Permalink

Permalink means link or url. URL of any website, URL of blog and URL of blog article is called permalink. 

Like we search by typing something in the search engine and the search engine shows us the related posts of that keyword. In it we show the link of that post and the keyword is written next to it, that is called permalink. 

Seo plays a big role in ranking your blog. Just like SEO friendly article helps in indexing your blog, similarly seo friendly permalink is also helpful in indexing your blog.  

7 - Add Image In Article

You should also add images to your blog posts. One image is equal to 1000 words. If you write the post using images then it will be easy for your visitors to understand.

You should use article related images in the post. Don't use copyrighted images in the post. There are many sites on  the internet providing free images. Use that sites to download image for your blog. 

How To Write Your First Blog Post

  • Write your post at least 800 to 1000 word.
  • Write post in short paragraph.
  • Use your targeted keywords in first paragraph of post.
  • Use image or videos in your post.
  • Use numbers or bullets Point's in post.
  • Use conclusion in your post.
How To Write Your First Blog Post.

Conclusion -

I hope you liked How To Write Your First Blog Post this post. If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends and on social media sites.

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